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Maria-Luisa Boito’s “ATELIER 7” is a collection of jewellery in bronze,silver and semiprecious stones .

The bronze and silver elements are handcrafted, exuding a subtle organic effect, emphasizing the characteristics of each stone: it's light, colour, cut and transparency. 

These are unique pieces and Maria-Luisa, intentionally, “signs” the metal elements with her fingerprints.  

Maria-Luisa Boito, American-Italian artist.


Originally she trained in fashion, where she was the senior designer for the haute couture “Tabak”, Milan. Italy.

In 1991 she collaborated with Mr.Madau Diaz, at the time permanent director of “La Scala Theatre,” and created experimental work for a new visual interpretation of Mozart’s “Magic Flute”. 


Though the project did not come to full fruition, it inspired Boito to further explore her designs in relation to space.

In 1995 she branched off into a new career as interior designer, producing her own collections of glass and metal objects, which were exhibited in Milan and NewYork.


Her  experimental work  with pleated metal mesh  became the source of inspiration for a series of sculptures later showcased by the “Changing Role Gallery" in Naples, Italy, in 2003. 


Notably, one of her latest works, “Partenope”, was selected for :

“The Threadneedle Prize 2012” and was exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London.



copyright 2019 maria-luisa boito

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