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Fine silver hand crafted components, lava stones, fresh water pearls and fluorite are the four elements in the:

“VULCANO" collection. 

Play around, mix and mach to create your own unique necklaces. Have fun!!!

VULCANO collection


the inspiration




North of the island of Sicily, South of Italy, there is a group of small volcanic islands called “Eolian”.

A few of their volcanos are still active as “Stromboli” or dormant as “Vulcano”.


The sea surrounding changes colours according to the type of rocks lying beneath : turquoise, green, pink. purple reflections.

Black fine sand beaches and rocky black, red, purple or even white pomice shores.

Yellow sulphureous rocks by the pendice of “Vulcano”.

This a very alive place, the lava still pouring out, the rocks frozen in incredible shapes, waters rich of sea life,

everything still in the process of becoming something else and

this is what has inspired"VULCANO COLLECTION".


maria-luisa boito


copyright 2019 maria-luisa boito

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